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Family Lawyers – Helping You Settle Divorce, Custody, and Property matters

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    What are family & relationship lawyers?

    Family lawyers help resolve disputes that involve family members or state intervention matters.

    Family lawyers can assist in all matters relating to this including parenting matters, dividing of assets, spousal support and terms of your prenuptial arrangements.

    If you have an internal dispute or issue that you are unable to resolve involving a family member or a state institution, a family lawyer can provide you with legal advice and guidance on the best course of action.

    As specialists in family law, we ensure that the matter is handled as sensitively and delicately as possible. Our aim is to ensure that you are able to have an arrangement that is mutually beneficial and protects the best interest of the children in parenting and property  matters.

     Steering a straight course through separation is one of the most difficult times in a person’s life. We aim to make the process as painless as possible by providing the best legal advice by trying to understand your circumstances and protect the interests of your children.

    What are family reports?

    A family report is written as an assessment of a case as required by the court about child arrangements. It is written by a psychologist and submitted to help the family come as to arrangements for the best interest of the child or children.

    The practitioner looks at the family situation and the issues to be reviewed, then makes a recommendation to the court focusing on the best interest of the children.

    Family Reports Process

    • You will be required to attend court where you will meet with your court appointed psychologist
    • A report will be created by the psychologist, this may take a few weeks to prepare
    • The report will be submitted to the court and you will be provided with a copy prior to the hearing date


    We work with Wills & Estates

    A will is a legal document that articulates your wishes upon your death. Having a will is important because ensures that your assets are managed and protected in a way that you want it and appoints a guardian to care for your children, under the age of 18.

    When going through issues with your family, it is important to ensure that your will is updated specifically when there is divorce involved. We take away the stress by making it easy for you.

    We work with probate

    When someone dies, their estate has to be managed or distributed.

    Probate is the process of identifying and transferring the assets of a deceased person’s will, via the executor, to the beneficiaries.

    We are experienced in obtaining a Grant of Probate and can assist your Executor with finalising your Estate in a way that is clear, swift and most importantly, without unnecessary stress.

    Family Provisions

    What is a family provision claim?

    A family provision claim is when a person makes an application claiming a share of a person’s estate after their death. If you are an “eligible person” and have been left out of the will or believe you should receive a greater share, you may be able to make a application.

    What is a family provision application?

    The family provision application is when you file a summons and affidavit, in the Supreme Court of New South Wales. We suggest you speak to a lawyer to discuss your situation before any application is made.

    We are able to provide legal advice on this process, your rights and manage the legal matter for you.

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    Our other services

    Leading the South Coast & Southern Tablelands in Conveyancing

    Buying property can be the most important transaction of your life. Greg Murphy Legal aim to make this stage of your life enjoyable, rather than stressful. We hope that by providing clear communication and support, we can help you overcome the stress involved in your conveyancing transaction.

    Professional services
    Fixed prices
    Clear communication

    Expert Criminal Lawyers Servicing Wollongong and the Illawarra

    Criminal Law in New South Wales is guided by Statute and Common Law. Understanding both is essential to navigating this area of law. Our Principal Greg Murphy has extensive experience and a Masters Degree in Criminal Law.

    We have been successful in many contested criminal matters before the courts. Our successes range from fine-only offences, to indictable matters before the District and Local courts of NSW.

    Greg has in-depth knowledge of the criminal justice system, practice and procedure, contact Greg to discuss your matter.

    Success in finalising your matter to your satisfaction depends on acting quickly. Don’t hesitate to contact us for a free telephone consultation.

    Probate Lawyers, Wollongong

    We can take care of the formalities of obtaining probate for you, at a time when you may be dealing with more pressing issues.

    We can take care of the formalities required so distribution of the estate can achieved by the Executor or Executrix.

    Call us for a free consultation.

    Wills and Power of Attorney Advice, Wollongong

    The importance of drafting a current will is critical to ensure your assets are distributed correctly by your  executor/s, or executrix/es.

    Often we find wills that have been drafted some years ago. In their day, the will would reflect positively on the wishes of the testator and there assets when disbursed.

    Call us for a free consultation.

    A Power of Attorney deals with the management of your financial and personal assets by a nominated third party while you are alive.

    The requirements of a power of attorney will be discussed with you in a clear and concise manner.

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    Our Location

    Greg Murphy Legal services the Wollongong Illawarra area. We are contactable 24/7 for your immediate attention.

    We provide legal services to the Wollongong Illawarra area via our Warilla office, just outside of Shellharbour. Greg Murphy attends to matters in all courts throughout the Illawarra.

    Our legal services also include the areas of Conveyancing Law, Family Law, Criminal Law, Wills, and Family Provisions.


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    • – Resolving the issues between the parties before the need for litigation.
      – Conducting the process of parenting matters concentrating on the best interest of the child or children.
      – Conducting the process of the division of property between the parties.

    • Best way is to ask friends that have been through similar situations whether they can recommend someone. Look for someone who’s handled similar cases to yours.

    • A family lawyer is experienced in the area and the law. They are able to provide you with specific expert and legal advice by reviewing your personal circumstances. Hopefully once this information is in hand the matter, the solicitor will be best placed to advise on the option of settling the matter without the need for litigation. The process of managing applications and court hearings can be stressful and new to you. if this path has to be taken a lawyer will be able to guide you through the practice and procedure of the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia.

    • The courts make a decision based on the best interest of the children. There is no gender bias.

    • You will have to attend court if you cannot resolve the issues between you and your ex-partner.

      Usually will not have to attend court if you enter into consent orders, however this will depend on the circumstances of your matter.