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Criminal Lawyers

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    What is a criminal lawyer?

    Criminal defence lawyers defend accused people that are charged with a criminal offence.

    Someone accused of a crime may hire a criminal defense lawyer to help with advice and representation during the investigation and legal proceedings. A criminal lawyer also performs investigations in relation to a case, provides advice to their clients, and manages the trial proceedings in front of a judge.

    The criminal cases and proceedings in court are not like what you see on TV dramas. However, we understand that any interaction with the Australian legal system can be a difficult and stressful situation. For this reason, and with our experience and expertise in this area, we will advise you and help you through the situation to minimise stress and deliver results.

    Our duty is to protect your rights and ensure you understand the process. We are with you through the process step by step. We focus on the best outcome in ensuring you receive the best defense possible.

    Prior to providing evidence or pleading guilty, it is important that you speak to a criminal lawyer that will be able to advise you of your rights and how to manage any criminal charges.

    Our criminal law services

    Our services include the following common offences:

    • Indictable Offences
    • Summary Offences
    • Traffic Matters
    • Public Disorder Offences
    • Alcohol offences and driving under the influence

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    Southern Coast Lawyers and Conveyancing covers the Illawarra area. We are contactable 24/7 for your immediate attention. We provide legal services to the Wollongong area via our Windang office, just outside of Shellharbour. Our team attends to matters in all courts throughout Australia including Albion Park, Kiama, Port Kembla and Wollongong Local Courts. Our legal services also include the areas of Conveyancing Law, Family Law, Wills and Estate Planning, and Family Provisions.


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    • Criminal law matters carry the potential for serious repercussions. As a result, you should look for legal support that is experienced, transparent and places the focus on your needs. At Greg Murphy Legal we provide a peace of mind criminal law service when you need it most.

    • Criminal lawyers work to either prosecute or defend people accused of a crime. Criminal defense lawyers defend accused people that are charged with a criminal offense. People accused of a crime may hire a criminal defense lawyer to help with advice and representation during the investigation and legal proceedings.

    • If you are charged with an offence, it is recommended that an experienced lawyer skilled in the area will be able to advise you.

    • At Greg Murphy Legal we pride ourselves on our fair and transparent pricing structure. Please reach out and speak to a member of our friendly team for further pricing information.

    • If this happens, we advise that you contact us immediately prior to speaking to the police or providing any statements.